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Who we are?

Tutorials Valley is a website where a user can find a course that is written in easy language and in well derived format thus a knowledge seeker can easily understand what he read. Thus a new learner can easily understand of any topics what he need.

Tutorials Valley is established in 2018 by AKM Riyad H.C. (born in Bangladesh) a Computer Engineer, Software Developer and Trainer. He also works as a Lecturer of Information and Communication Technology in IIC.  The stories behind to developing this listen from him-

“When I was a student of Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST) in Computer Science and Engineering I noted all my courses by myself to clear and easy understanding of what I learnt. To do that I took help from various books which was written by world class writers and I also took help from various websites and as well as my class lectures. It would helped me a lot to easy understanding what I read and as well as to score my result. After passing graduation many students knocked me for my notes! Many want to know how do they well understand the course and how they pass the exam. I gave them my notes and they are really helped from it. Now a days a lot of messages comes in my inbox and calls, I can’t even took all calls because of job and personal life. Now I think why not share it internet thus everyone can take what they need and when they need. From this perspective I launched this website named Tutorials Valley.”

What is this all about? Tutorials Valley is that kind of website where you can find all kind of tutorials (currently Computer science related) from college to university courses, polytechnics courses to sports learning, job exam courses to co-curriculum knowledge’s.

Is this free? Yes! Absolutely. Our resources are free to use any non commercial use only.

Our mission is to provide you very best resources thus you can develop yourself.

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